Breast Reconstruction

Breast cancer affects many women. Oncological surgical treatment can result in significant breast deformities or complete loss of a breast mound following mastectomy. Reconstructive options include a wide range of choices, individually suited to fit a patient’s needs according to anatomical, personal and/or professional variables. One of the most common ways to reconstruct a breast is through the use of tissue expanders which are later converted to a permanent implant. Another common technique to reconstruct breasts is through the use of autologus tissues from abdomen (pedicled or free TRAM flap, DIEP flap) or back (latissimus flap). Any of the choices can be done immediately following mastectomy, or in a delayed fashion after other adjuvant treatments are completed. After obtaining proper size and shape, the nipple-areola complex can be reconstructed. With unilateral reconstructions, the opposite breast may require size/shape adjustment for an optimal aesthetic outcome.


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