Nerve Surgery

Peripheral Nerve Surgery

Peripheral nerve surgery is a subspecialty that provides surgical treatment of peripheral nerve problems. Unlike neurosurgery, it does not address brain or spine conditions. It also does not include medical management of pain, since that is under the domain of other specialties. Many patients have chronic migraine headaches, occipital or trigeminal neuralgia, extremity neuropathy or chronic pain that is resistant to numerous treatment modalities and travel across the country in search of relief. The key component of my approach to peripheral nerve problems is identifying and treating the cause of the patient’s nerve problem, rather than focusing on the symptoms alone. I find critical for one to first understand the cause of the problem prior to applying different treatment options, otherwise treatment failure is likely. It is amazing to see how often this is overlooked in clinical practice. In order to meet these goals, I have been working to design a number of treatment algorithms specific to the type of chronic migraine, headache, neuralgia, peripheral neuropathy, nerve damage or chronic pain source following surgery or trauma. Therefore, many patients seek this kind of sub-specilaized treatments with me, based on my clinical skills and extensive surgical expertise in peripheral nerve surgery. Besides being nationally recognized for this work, it is my special privilege to provide my patients with most innovative, safe and appropriate surgical treatments. The most commonly treated conditions include:

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