Migraine & Headache Surgery

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Patients with Chronic Migraine, Chronic Headache, Occipital Neuralgia or Trigeminal Neuralgia who continue to suffer with headaches despite optimal medical care provided by a medical headache specialist for at least six months are appropriate candidates for peripheral nerve surgery.

Symptoms can be present in the front, the side (temporal), the back of the head (occipital) or any combination. Since symptoms in these conditions may vary and often overlap, it is important that a neurologist or similar medical specialist experienced in headache treatment conduct a proper diagnostic work-up and initiate appropriate medical care. It is important to ensure that other non-peripheral nerve etiologies for these chronic conditions are excluded.

Many patients have these problems every day, significantly affecting quality of their life. They usually have been seen by a number of specialists and most of the tests did not identify the cause of their chronic headache or migraines. Many patients have been told: “Nothing else can be done for you”. Similarly, medications with their side-effects, may provide limited or no relief.

I have an effective and simple way to detect which nerves are involved in generating the pain. I can then surgically address the inciting nerves, reducing or eliminating chronic headaches or migraines. With few exceptions, most patients who have suffered from long lasting and disabling migraines/headaches have experienced complete relief following surgery, while others have had partial but significant relief. Some patients are unfortunately found not to be optimal surgical candidates.

If you are not sure about your eligibility for surgery, and if you are not in the Washington, D.C. area, you can send me your records so I can determine if you are a good candidate for surgical treatment. Visit my patient forms page for a downloadable form.

Interactive schematic drawings of the most common examples are: Location of the Neuralgia/Migraine/Headache (click on selected areas below for more information)

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