Face Lift

Patients who benefit from a facelift are those concerned with excess neck skin and a tired looking face with loose, often wrinkled skin.

Aging is associated with a descent of all tissues, changing the way we look. As we age we develop loose and wrinkled skin, resulting in an older appearance. Correction requires repositioning the soft tissues and removal of excess skin, mostly in the facial and neck areas.

The goal of the surgery is to correct these signs of aging so patients looks better. The goal is not to radically change someone’s appearance, but make them look like a younger version of them self. Incisions are hidden and minimally visible, depending on the hair style and gender of the patient. Surgery is usually done as an outpatient procedure. Sutures are removed one week from surgery; recovery takes about two weeks (return to work and attending social events can be planned about two-three weeks after surgery).

Due to patient privacy, pre and post-operative blepharoplasty and facelift photos are available for review in the office.