Chronic Breast Pain After Surgery

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Chronic Breast Pain After Surgery

What causes chronic breast pain after surgery?

Many breast surgeries are successful in correcting the original problem that patients initially went into surgery for. However, breast surgeries can result in new and unwanted problems with the nerves in the area.

There are many different types of breast surgery that can be followed by chronic breast pain. These can include but aren’t limited to:

·       Breast Reconstruction

·       Mastectomy

·       Breast Reduction

·       Augmentation of Breasts

·       Breast Lift

·       Axillary Lymph Node Dissection


What are the symptoms of chronic breast pain after surgery?

One might know that they are experiencing these nerve related problems after breast surgery when:

·       Patient feels localized breast pain with symptoms lasting for longer past the recovery time.

·       Anterolateral chest pain persisting past the recovery time.

·       If the patient has had three-six months or more of prescribed conservative medical care with persisting symptoms.

·       When the patient has had medical care prescribed by a specialist that has not worked.

·       If the patient has symptoms past that of normal post-operative pain that have been excluded by the original surgeon or treating specialist.

·       The symptom of pins and needles or burning sensations over the involved area.

·       Hypersensitive or painful scars from the surgery.

·       Any of these symptoms being made worse due to daily activity.


How do I address my chronic breast pain after surgery?

Although this can be a frustrating situation, there are ways to address and treat this pain for patients. These treatments are offered by professionals and specialists, but often do nothing other than treating symptoms rather than finding the solution. For this reason, patients might want to consider surgical solution via peripheral nerve surgery. This type of nerve surgery focuses on the causes of the pain rather than masking the symptoms, therefore addressing the anatomical root of the pain and opening a way for a true cure to the problem.

Peripheral nerve surgery should be performed on the patient as soon as possible, as chronic pain has the ability to form into more complex disorders when left for too long. These disorders can affect the central and autonomic nervous systems, and will cause much more difficulties than the original chronic pain. Prolonged chronic nerve pain in the breasts can also lead to unwanted dependence on medication that can be solved with surgery.

If you think you might be a candidate for peripheral nerve surgery, contact Dr. Ducic Nerve Surgery today to learn more about the peripheral nerve surgery process. Dr. Ducic published several landmark studies defining treatment solutions for chronic breast pain when other methods failed. More at

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