5 Ways To Achieve Phantom Limb Pain Relief

5 Ways To Achieve Phantom Limb Pain Relief

5 Ways To Achieve Phantom Limb Pain Relief

Losing a limb is one of the most devastating things that a person has to endure. This is further compounded by the fact that some patients experience phantom limb pain. If you are not familiar with the term, this is when someone feels the sensation of pain in the area of their body that has been amputated. However strange this may seem, it is a genuine issue with real solutions. If you are experiencing this phenomenon and you are looking for relief, here are six ways to ease your pain.

Local Injection Therapy

This is when a physician injects a pain-blocking medication, like cortisol, to the affected area. Even though the pain may not be purely physical in nature, this will stop the body from sending the brain signals that it is in pain. Injections are a great idea for people that do not want to undergo frequent treatments. Each shot lasts a considerable amount of time, so there will be no need for frequent doctor visits.

Nerve Cuff Stimulation

5 Ways To Achieve Phantom Limb Pain ReliefPeople who decide to have this treatment do so because it does not involve the use of any type of medicine. In fact, all this consists of is placing a stimulator on the nerves to help it give the brain the correct signals. While it does not block the original signals that the brain receives, it turns them in another direction and allow them to feel more pleasant than usual. Whenever the patient experiences phantom limb pain, they are instructed to press a button on a wireless remote to activate the stimulator.

Mirror Box Therapy

This treatment is very different than many of the others available since it is purely psychological. People who have limbs removed are usually sent to physcal therapy to help them learn to function without the use of the amputated limbs. Mirror box therapy consists of performing the same routines that are generally done in sessions and doing them while in front of a mirror. The theory is that people will see that their limb is no longer there and it will help them to get past the phantom pain.

Deep Brain Stimulation

Imagine having electrodes placed on your brain that would use electrical currents to prompt the brain to handle pain in a more effective way. There is a treatment for phantom limb pain known as deep brain stimulation and many people have used this to successfully rid themselves of any pain they are having.


5 Ways To Achieve Phantom Limb Pain ReliefThis is probably one of the most common treatments, but it is one that some people would rather not consider. These medications, which can only be obtained with a prescription, will help the brain learn to slow down or totally eliminate the painful feelings you are experiencing. The main problem with these is the fact that some people become addicted and add another problem to their already full plate.

Another large problem that many people have with analgesics is the fact that they experience side effects from the medication. While many of the other treatments may not be as effective as this one, the reality is that people who try those don’t complain about ill effects as much as those who have gone this route.

If you have lost a limb and you have been feeling like there is pain in the area, there are methods out there that can help you find some relief. While there are some people who may not fully understand what you are going through, phantom limb pain is a serious issue and you are certainly not alone. You can stop the pain and take your life back by trying one or more of the treatments mentioned here.


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